Using the Social and Bookmark Networks to Promote Your Blog

You occasionally have a fantastic blog story idea. You have an issue even though you are aware of how much traffic it will cause. Nobody is aware of your excellent article content. You must spread the word widely in order to attract the most attention. Social media and bookmarking sites are helpful in this situation.

A social or bookmarking network is what?

It’s a location where you may spread the word about your tales or bookmarked pages. As an example, consider a blog reporter. You share your blog post with the network so that other users can vote and leave comments. A specific number of votes will advance more well-liked stories to the front page. The majority of social networks are unique. In some cases, you can export several bookmarks directly from your browser.

Why use social media?

1) Due to the nature of social networks, they receive a lot of traffic. Users frequently come back to read the most recent articles and post their own.

2) Your blog is often just a click away for readers. You may receive thousands of daily visitors thanks to a well-liked submission.

3. It only takes a few minutes to sign up for and post your initial entry on the majority of social networks.

4) The number of other websites that use feeds from various social networks will amaze you. A good story can spread like wildfire throughout the network.

5) You can always submit another story if yours is rejected for the top page. There is typically no cap on the number of stories you can submit.

6) Most social networks are optimized for search engines. The majority of the time, you will also receive a reciprocal link in addition to your story being quickly indexed by the main search engines. Several social media platforms have high Google Page Rank (PR)

hints and techniques

1) A compelling, captivating story is frequently required. Your main goal is to gain enough votes to go up to the front page. You must persuade additional readers to vote for your story. Strange, surprising, and contentious stories frequently succeed.

2) You may always invite your friends to vote for you and join the contest. Avoid making phony accounts since you will only be blacklisted.

3) It’s best if you submit more than one story. You will need a consistent flow of submissions if you want a regular stream of traffic.

4) Simply take in the experience. Comparing it to other blog promotion strategies like link building, I do think it’s more engaging.

There are plenty of different social networks available. A straightforward Google search should be sufficient. Because blog reporter is the first personal publishing network created specifically for blogs, I personally endorse it.

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